Azure Lorica has been many things, a theatre company, a festival producer, and even a magazine. But now, we've taken the step above. Azure Lorica is now a Publishing House. Azure Lorica Antibully Society is now the central station of all blogs, magazines, and books, distributed across the internet, and, soon, at your local book stores and convenience market.

It's an interesting turn, the publishing world took, as we had the self-publishers outdo traditional corporations, but then went full circle when indie became institutions themselves. The problem has not improved, this online market. No. In fact, it's now stale. But the readers are seeking literature, and we may be of service. 

Azure Lorica, well known for its film festivals, have collected Writers on their roster, and Actors looking for projects. As a festival, we can assist, but as a publishing house, we can give. As of now, we have centralized our operations into two clubs: film and book. By publishing an eZine for each club, we're able to give our audience a platform to follow our programs:
  • The Film Club publishes interviews, articles, and reviews of the films that have been nominated in Azure Lorica festivals.
  • The Book Club publishes books, old and new, to preserve the art of book making, and practicing the new forms of ebook making.
With these new clubs, we hope to build a better service for the public, preserving culture, and producing a service that our current industries can't sustain without patrons, such as yourselves. Help us build your community.