Azure Lorica is hosting its first international conference! The Azure Lorica Summer Gala has invited all of its clubs to come together, and showcase the creative brilliance of our Antibully Society.

For one weekend, our Ensemble will be reading for the Film and Book Club. With each club operating at least one or two programs, such as, Azure Lorica FanFilm Awards and the Azure Lorica Book Dragon, script and book readings will be exhibited live. From sensitive poems to Batman fan fiction, we aim to provide an event worth your while.

Unlike conventions, where the lines build up and the hype is everything. Our Summer Gala is meant to relax everyone, and savor the artistry of filmmakers, writers, and live performance alike.

To begin, we will host screenings and Q&A in the morning and afternoons - free for the family to enjoy! Here, you, as the attendee, can watch fanfilms with exclusive releases in the film festival circuit. International filmmakers will come, as a community, to share their work, and their craft, live and online.

In the evenings, we have our live readings. The first night for FanFilm Awards, reading fanfiction by award winning and aspiring filmmakers. The second night for Book Dragon, reading books published by Azure Lorica - in multiple languages. It's a lot of fun with a cup of tea.

And speaking of tea, this year's sponsor is Tea Spectral!

For the past three years, Tea Spectral has sponsored our festivals with their delicious loose leaf beverage. Their tea are of fantasy blends, enriched with levels of flavor within each sip. The Master Blender of Tea Spectral, Stefanie Warner, shares her lovely taste between tea, herbs, and tisanes. We encourage you to try a cup today:

Please bring your friends and family, for a weekend of fun, at the comfort of your own home. RSVP NOW, and watch our table readings, film screenings, and more online:

Azure Lorica Summer Gala
Aug. 21-22 | On Zoom
10am-4pm & 8pm-12am PST